Jeannine Jubeck, founder of Fit To The Core
My name is Jeannine Jubeck and Fit To The Core is my in home personal training business. I am a NSCA certified in home personal trainer with ten years of training experience. Prior to personal training, I was a successful headhunter with two business partners. Somewhere along the way, I decided I needed a change. My passion has always been fitness. So, in 2005– after working and learning as much as possible in a local gym– I started Fit To The Core In Home Personal Training.

My Specialty is fitness over 50 for men and women who want to stay healthy and active. I believe there is no reason one can’t be extremely fit at any age, but it takes direction and a plan. In home personal training allows my clients to get private, one on one or partner training without the hassle of driving to a gym and waiting to use equipment. I bring everything to you saving busy professionals a lot of time. My expertise and your hard work will get you there. I believe in a holistic approach that encompasses strength training, cardiovascular, circuit training, and nutrition to get the best results so you can lose weight and get stronger. No fad diets, just consistent, proven training methods along with nutrition guidelines you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.

Have you been working out for months on your own without the results you want? You need a plan custom designed for you to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. My experience will get you there. We’ll use kettlebells, TRX, Bosu, traditional weight training, circuits, Tabata and a great HIIT cardio plan. Not only that, we’ll have fun doing it!

So if you are ready to get started, or you just need some additional information, contact me or call me. I’ll be happy to help show you how I can get you there. Ask about my free trial session so you can see what my training is all about.

Training options:

Boot Camps
One On One In Home Personal Training
In Home Partner Training
Small Group Training

Most people today have some sort of past or present injury. Whether it’s a torn rotator cuff, knee, shoulder or back injury, chances are I have developed a rehab program for after the physical therapy is completed. Take care of strengthening those previously injured areas now, so you can continue to live a healthy and active life. Email me at: Let’s work on a training program to get you the results you want!




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