When my clients see great results in their training, it makes my day….

Yesterday I was driving to my next training appointment and I realized, I have three clients this past week who have seen significant results in their training. I’m not saying this to brag about myself, I’m writing about it because it made my week! Yes, really. As a trainer, and I am sure most trainers agree, we want nothing more than to see you succeed at whatever your goals may be. If you are a salesperson, you want to hit your quotas, if you are a sales manager, you want your team to hit their quotas. So when we watch a client transform themselves both physically and emotionally, it’s a beautiful thing!

Lisa, is a type “A” overachiever. She gets up 3 days a week and trains with me at 5:15am. She busts her butt for an hour, then she goes to work for 12 plus hours a day and busts her butt again! She downloaded the lose it app, recorded her food, watched her portions, cut back on her alcohol and week in land week out she lost weight. 25lbs. She could sleep in an extra hour, but she made the decision she needed to change. It is hard work, there are no quick diets or surgeries that last. It is a lifestyle change. If you don’t change the lifestyle, you won’t keep the weight off.

Nikki Needed a “jump start”. She too works 12 plus hour days, but she chose to make a big change. After a long day, she trained with me in the evenings. We worked out a plan for her weight training and cardio. She too downloaded the lose It app and started recording her food, watching her portions and started walking with a friend on her off days. She has lost 10 pounds and I have no doubt she won’t continue to work toward her ultimate goal and succeed.

Lauren is getting married in 6 months and wants to lose some weight. She is also extremely hard working, travels for work quite a bit and works very long days as well. She trains twice a week with me and a day on her own. The point is, she has found the time to exercise, when she has very little time. Her health is a priority. She’s not even a morning person, but I see her at 7am because that is when she van squeeze it in. The first week she lost 4 lbs, and she is on track to continue to lose weight.

What all of these women have in common is a level of discipline and work ethic that help them to succeed in their jobs and with their training program too. I can help keep you accountable. I can write you the correct program to get you there, but you have to do it. When my clients are successful, I am thrilled for them. When they have a tough time, I feel it too. As a trainer we have to continually try new approaches until it works for our client. No two people are the same and their motivations are all different. What I do know is this-I feel good when they feel good!

I love training!

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