Don’t Gain Weight On Vacation!


Don’t Gain Weight on Vacation!

Are you about to go on vacation? Maybe concerned about gaining a few pounds? Well, it is possible to have a great time without gaining weight. Here are a few ideas that have worked for me.

1)Plan physical activity into as much of your vacation as possible-whether it is walking a lot every day, hiking, cycling, skiing, playing tennis or swimming.

2)Order fish as much as possible when eating out and NEVER eat everything on your plate. It’s safe to assume the portions are too large. Substitute starchy carbs for two veggies.

3)Watch your alcohol intake. Stick to light beer and wine and avoid margaritas and other high calorie cocktails that are loaded with calories.

4)wear a Fitbit…shoot for a minimum of 12,000 steps per day. Walk to see things instead of taking a cab or using public transportation.

5)Indulge, but be smart about it- don’t eat on the run, plan your meals, choose restaurants where you can enjoy fresh, healthy local foods

But most of all…have a great time!