Sarcopenia is the decline in skeletal muscle as we age.  It is one of the biggest contributors to falls, insulin resistance, fatigue and even death. It also contributes significantly to an increase in fat mass in the body.  Because when we lose muscle we gain fat.  And when we gain fat our strength goes  down and a whole host of other problems come along with that increase in fat.

So how do we keep the muscle we have and maintain or even build our strength?  And why do we want to even get stronger?  Think of all the every day tasks that require strength.  Going up and down the stairs, getting up and down our of a chair, picking things up, carrying grocery bags to the car, playing with Grandchildren, gardening….you get the idea.  Sarcopenia is to muscle what Osteoporosis is to bone and 13% of people in their 60’s and half of those in their 80’s have it.

Now what is interesting is this, no matter how old or out of shape you are, you can restore much of the strength you have already lost.  Study after study has shown that  previously sedentary men and women even between the ages of 60 and 72 increased their overall strength significantly in a 12 week strength training program three days a week.  Their strength gains were in the double digits and their walking speed improved 48%.

So why wait?  Always check with your physician before starting any exercise program, but once you get the okay, hire a trainer to guide you safely through the process.

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