Fitness over 50

I’m 50 and I have let myself go.  I like the idea of an in home trainer, but I travel a lot too.  What are my options?

Fitness over 50 can be elusive for some. So maybe your kids are out of the house.  Or maybe they will be soon.  The point is, you have taken a back seat for a long time.  And it shows.  You have gained weight, your energy is low and you just have not had the time to take care of yourself.  It can seem overwhelming.  Where do you start when you are looking to get fit over 50? what kind of exercise is right for you and what will get the best results?  You may have bad knees, some arthritis, or just some extra weight that makes it uncomfortable to exercise.  And maybe you don’t want to go to a gym where you feel like you’re on display. 

A gym is not for everyone.  All of my clients are over 50 or about to hit that age.  The thought of traveling back and forth to a gym, exercising in public is not at all appealing and really pretty intimidating.  An in home personal trainer or online training may be ideal for you.  Think about this:

Consider an in-home trainer if:

  • we show up at your door, so you can’t just roll over and hit the snooze button
  • no travel time to allow.  workout, walk upstairs, shower and you’re good to go
  • no gym memberships paying for things you don’t use.  why pay for a pool, yoga or group classes when you just want to lift?
  • we bring the equipment to you, no investment unless you want to have equipment at home
  • privacy
  • no waiting for equipment
  • better focus, no distractions

Consider online training or a hybrid of both if:

  • you travel a lot and it is difficult to schedule time with a trainer a few times a week
  • sometimes the only time you can train is whenever you have a minute…which can be random.  If you have a program delivered to your phone you can train when you want and wherever you want with videos, instructions and accountability
  • you still want  face time with a trainer but you may only be able to swing it a few times a month
  • cost is an issue.  By combining online and in home training you will save money

The Best Personal Trainers specialize

Okay, so you’re 50 or older, because you’re reading this.  What should you look for in a trainer if you are the person I described above?  The best personal trainers specialize.  They develop a niche and they learn everything they can about that population.  Some train athletes, some work with post pregnancy moms, figure competitors, children, middle aged men and women, special populations like diabetics, cancer survivors….and many others.  Think about what you need and work with a trainer who has worked consistently with your demographic.  They get you.  They know what you need and they know how to get you results.

Hire a trainer who works with the 50 plus demographic all the time

So if you are reading this, and you are 50 plus, you may be going through menopause and you may have lost energy and gained weight, you may be a guy who has put on a few extra pounds around the middle, or you may travel quite a bit for your job.  Think about hiring a trainer who has experience training your age group along with the option to train online as well.

Ready to get started?  Fit To The Core In Home and Online Training works only with Men and Women 50 plus.  Contact me for a free consult to see how we can work together to best fit your needs.


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