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3 Ways To Lose Weight Now!

One of the things my clients have the most difficulty with is their nutrition. Most train with me two or three days a week and commit to training additional days on their own. What takes a lot of work, is getting them to eat in a way that will help them lose weight. They can burn a lot of calories in a session with me, but if they go home and eat a lot of processed foods, or jUST too much of any food, they won’t lose weight. Not only that, they have to continue to MOVE When they are not with me. That means cardio but it also means walking up the stairs, not sitting all day and just generally staying active OUTSIDE our training sesh.

In the past, I had my clients count calories. But the reality is, most won’t do it. Life gets busy and the majority of apps are just too time consuming. It can be difficult to be accurate. So recently, I have changed my approach. Here is what I have started to tell them:

*You eat about 21 meals a week. Make 19 of those healthy, whole foods and allow yourself two “free” meals a week where you can have whatever you want…(just don’t eat a whole pizza)

*SLEEP! It is very, very difficult to lose weight if you are not getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Cortisol levels go up and they directly affect your ability to lose weight.

*MOVE outside the gym. If you train and then sit on your butt the rest of the day, you are not moving enough. Weight loss takes work. Start with 5,000 steps a day and work up to 10,000.

So, start with whole foods, portion control in all but two meals a week, MOVE and SLEEP. Do all three of these consistently and you will begin to see changes. Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated.

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